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Our single scent incense is hand dipped by us at Mystic Spirit using the finest fragrance oils. We make our incense in small batches to ensure freshness.
We have been told by many of our customers that we have the best incense.
$2.50 for a package of ten 11" sticks

ALLSPICE - Determination, energy, success, luck, money

ALMOND - Money, prosperity, wisdom

AMBER - Healing, joy, prosperity, protection

APPLE - Fresh starts, friendship, health, money

BAYBERRY - Money, luck, peace, prosperity

CARNATION - Energy, restoration, healing, love healing, love

CEDAR - Purification, wealth, protection

CINNAMON - Protection, female sexual stimulation, meditation, illumination, money drawing, success, attraction

COCONUT - Purification, protection, chastity

DRAGON'S BLOOD - Protection, uncrossing, banishing, love, exorcism

EGYPTIAN MUSK - Passion, lust, sexual attraction

EUCALYPTUS - Healing, purification, strength, power

EVERGREEN - Prosperity, male lust, protection

FRANKINCENSE - Purification, exorcism, blessing, money, solar energy, one of the highest essences to offer to the Gods

GARDENIA - Love, attraction, protection, wealth, spellbinding to captivate the one you desire

HIGH JOHN - Money, love, success, happiness

HONEYSUCKLE - Clear thinking, memory, prosperity, business, love

JASMINE - Love, attraction, relaxation, psychic awareness, moon magick. Alluring and highly seductive

LAVENDER - Love, healing, purification, attraction, banishing, uncrossing, money drawing

LEMON - cleansing, uncrossing, banishing

LILAC - Memory, past lives, clairvoyance, love, spiritual love, romance

LILY OF THE VALLEY - Mental powers, happiness

LOTUS - Protection, spirituality, love, meditation. Pleasing to the Gods

MULBERRY - Protection, strength, prosperity

MYRRH - Protection, exorcism, healing, spirituality

ORANGE BLOSSOM - wealth, luck, happiness, health, success

PATCHOULI - Attraction, peace of mind, protection, sensuality, luck, money drawing

PEACH - Love, exorcism, longevity, fertility, wishes

PEPPERMINT - Change, relaxation, head clearing, mental powers, cleansing, luck, money drawing

ROSE - Love, healing, luck, protection

SAGE - Cleansing, purification, wisdom, opening the mind to knowledge

SANDALWOOD - Protection, healing, past lives, good fortune, abundance, psychic work, spirituality, meditation. Pleasing to the Gods

SWEET GRASS - Cleansing, good vibrations

VANILLA - Love, lust, aphrodisiac

VIOLET - Love, sexuality, attraction, fairy magick, healing, removes shyness

YLANG-YLANG - Sexual attraction, job seeking, healing

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