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Prayer Flags 6"x6"x25'
This string of prayer flags measures 25 ft. in length, with flags that are 5x6 inches. The Lung ta, or wind horse, a vehicle of enlightenment, is pictured on each of the vibrantly colored flags, and will swiftly carry the prayers to the universe on the currents of the wind. The colors of the flags, which represent the elements, and the symbols written on them are prayers, which the wind sends to the world as it billows through the flags. Prayers become one with the universe as the text and images fade from the flags by the natural forces of nature. As with any flag, they are sacred and should be treated with respect. Never let them touch the ground, and when they become old and in need of disposal, it is best to burn them. Prayer flags are for promoting peace, well being, wisdom, compassion, and strength. They bring health and happiness to anyone who hangs them, as well as their friends and family, neighbors and strangers, allies and enemies.
#PRFS $11.75


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