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Mystic Spirit Elemental Oils

All of our oils come bottled in a 1 dram (1/8 oz.) amber vial.
These oils are a blend of fine essential and fragrance oils and are blended according to traditional correspondences and our own recipes.
These oils are specially blended by us at Mystic Spirit.
They are for external use only.

EARTH - promotes peace, fertility, money, business success, stability, employment

WATER - promotes love, healing, peace, compassion, reconciliation, purification, friendship, de-stressing, sleep, dreams, psychism

AIR - promotes communication, creativity, travel, intellect, eloquence, divination, freedom and wisdom

FIRE - promotes communication, defensive magick, physical strength, magickal power, courage, will power and purification

SPIRIT (AKASHA) - promotes spirituality, meditation, higher consciousness, enlightenment




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