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Our Enchanted Spell Candles are custom made for you by Karen, the owner of the shop.
Each spell candle is inscribed with magickal symbols, glittered, and dressed with fine fragrant oils on a seven day pull out candle. The candles are encased in glass and burn for approximately seven days (168 hours). The seals that are carved onto the candles were created in 1979 by Lady Rhea. I have been creating them for many years now and use them myself. They are very powerful.
For me to personalize the candle, you must specify the first and last name(s) and birthday(s) of the person(s) you want carved onto the wax.
Also include a brief description of your situation.
Colors may vary according to the situation.

ASCLEPIUS HEALING: For general healing and well-being.

HEALING WAND: For good health and well-being.

UNCROSSING: Removes negativity, hexes, jinxes, evil eye, ill wishes, malochia, etc.

BANISHING: Neutralizes troubles to make way for a smooth path. Removes unwanted energies and people. Brings balance and harmony in your life.

MOTHER BIRTH: Helps to conceive a baby or when due to ease the birthing experience.


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