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Tarot Workshop
Presented by Ajnira
8 Fridays 7-8:30 PM
March 30th - May 18th
$25 per class, $20 if prepaid seven days in advance, $144 for the series (No refunds)
Call Mystic Spirit at (973) 509-7155 to register

Learn Tarot as a Tool for Divination
Even if you've never had a reliable method of receiving intuitive information before, this will build a foundation that you will use and learn to trust that will be reliable as you build and increase your capacity to access your intuitive ability focused toward discernment through practice.

What will be covered;
• Your spirituality and the unseen world the basics; who are you contacting? ; your connection with the Divine; the role of guidance.
• The nature of readings & information; messages and lessons for both the Questioner and the Reader.
• Your Spiritual Practice: Asking for and accessing Higher Awareness; Setting up a framework for your work on the inner planes.
• The meaning of the suits, the court and major arcana cards in Tarot.
• An exploration of the treasury of symbols drawn from the rich diversity contained within the oracle of Tarot.
• Spreads to tailor your readings to the type of information requested.
• Practice and Learning to go beyond the classic interpretation of the cards.
The Tarot is a journey through the stages and levels toward the mastery of the Self and the levels of Challenge that life presents. Everything is contained in the Key or Tarot. It is filled with the symbols of everything that is in the Universe in pictorial /symbolic form.

Ajnira is a seeker, seer and teacher of Tarot for the past 40 years. Tarot is often called a Key. Contained within it is guidance for any question or situation that life offers. Encompassing many traditions and a plethora of symbols in countless patterns and combinations, it can seem a daunting task to undertake. You will be guided from a standpoint of simplicity toward greater and greater depth and complexity throughout the course.

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