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New Jersey Pagans Meetup at Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe

Yule Ritual

Sunday December 22nd 5pm

Price $10

North Jersey Yule Gathering...The New Beginning Dec. 22, 2013 Montclair NJ

Hosted by New Jersey Pagans: Cher, Denise, and Karen (Mystic Spirit)

Please call in advance to reserve for a head count

5pm Bring Kids to visit Santa/Holly King

Please Bring a Pot Luck hors d'oeuvres food item to share: (Cheese and Crackers, Veggies, Snacks, Chips and Dip, Deviled Eggs, Desserts, Egg Nog, Juice, Soda, etc)

Yule, Winter Solstice, is the longest night of the year, the night we honor the Dark Goddess and the Great Horned God who rules the dark half of the year. We also bid farewell to the Holly King as he parts way as the Oak King now rules!

Yule we celebrate the return of the sun, New Beginnings, a time to celebrate with family and friends, and share the spirit of giving during the holidays. The nights grow cold and long, we honor the darkness and except all is dead and still around us.

We also celebrate As the sun returns to the Earth, life begins once more, its a time to bid the Crone farewell and invite the Maiden back into our lives. To bring life onto all that seek and honor it. This is a good time to make wishes with the hopes they be Born and come true!

Come out and Celebrate with us, Ritual Starts around 5:30 pm, Small Pot Luck Feast after .... Come out and Join us!




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