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The Goddess Isis was one of five children of the Earth God Geb and Sky Goddess Nuit. She is said to have fallen in love with her brother Osiris in their mother's womb. Osiris (a sun god) and Isis (a moon goddess) were to be destined to marry each other and become the first king and queen of Egypt. Isis was usually shown as a woman with a throne emblem on her head or a woman with birds wings under her arms.
Hand painted resin
Size: 8 3/4" Tall
ISIS STATUE #1124 - $29.95

Osiris is the God of rebirth and the legendary ruler of predynastic Egypt and god of the underworld. Osiris symbolizes the forces of nature and the imperishability of life. Called the great benefactor of humanity, he brought the people knowledge of agriculture and civilization. In myth he was slain by his evil brother Seth, but his death was avenged by his son Horus. The worshippers of Osiris formed one of the great cults of ancient Egypt, and gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean world.
Hand painted resin
Size: 8 3/4" Tall
OSIRIS STATUE #1123 - $29.95

Isis, open winged, and in her full glory. Shown here in her later image, that with horns and disk, Isis was the most venerated goddess in Egypt. She was the mother of Horus the Younger and wife and sister of Osiris. Considered to be the greatest magician of all time, Isis' accomplishments include bringing Osiris back to life and helping him become a god in the underworld and forcing the god Ra to reveal his secret name to her. She is associated with motherhood, marital devotion and healing the sick.
Cold cast bronze with subtle color details
Size: H 8" x W 9"
ISIS STATUE #3174 - $74.95



Thoth is the name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian god Djeheuty. Thoth was the god of wisdom, inventor of writing, patron of scribes and the divine mediator. He is most often represented as a man with the head of an ibis, holding a scribal palette and reed pen. He could also be shown completely as an ibis or a baboon.
As with most Egyptian deities there were many different stories regarding the parentage of Thoth. Many sources call him the son of Re, but one tradition has him springing forth from the head of Seth. This latter story is reminiscent of the birth of the Greek goddess Athena, who like Thoth was the patron divinity of wisdom.
Myths concerning Thoth show him as a divinity whose counsel is always sought. His most significant role is during the battles of Horus and Seth. Thoth is a staunch supporter of Horus and his mother Isis, maintaining that Horus' claim to the throne is just and the murderous Seth has no right to the kingship of Egypt. Elsewhere Thoth is a reliable mediator and peacemaker. When the goddess Tefnut had a dispute with her father Re and absconded to Nubia, it was Thoth that the sun-god sent to reason with her and bring her home. Thoth was also present at the judgement of the dead. He would question the deceased before recording the result of the weighing of the deceased's heart. If the result was favorable Thoth would declare the deceased as a righteous individual who was worthy of a blessed afterlife.
Thoth was also a lunar deity, and whatever form he took he wore a lunar crescent on his head. Some Egyptologists think that the Egyptians identified the crescent moon with the curved beak of the ibis. It is also suggested that the Egyptians observed that baboon was a nocturnal (i.e. lunar) animal who would greet the sun with chattering noises each morning.
As he was messenger of the gods Thoth was identified by the Greeks with their own god Hermes. For this reason Thoth's center of worship is still known to us today as Hermopolis.
Cold cast bronze with subtle color details
Size: 6 1/4" tall
THOTH CANDLE HOLDER #1165 - $44.95


Bast (Bastet) the Goddess of joy, music, dancing and family. Cats were as sacred as Bast, a symbol of animal passion. Her temple kept sacred cats, which were supposed to be reincarnations of the Goddess. After they die, they were mummified. She appears as a woman with the head of a cat, sometimes holding a sistrum or a rattle. The town of Bubastis was the cult center of this solar Goddess sometimes simply represented as a cat.
Cold cast bronze with subtle color details
Size: 8" Tall
BAST STATUE MEDIUM #1116 - $34.95

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